A Sampling of Recent Randall J. Wolfe, PC Verdicts and Awards:

One of Oregon’s Largest Non-Surgical InnerEar Verdicts

In this case, many months after a significant auto collision, the Plaintiff first reported severe vertigo and vestibular problems. However, he chose not to undergo risky surgery. After sending him to multiple exams by doctors of their own choosing who all denied his injury, the Insurer offered about $30,000 the night before trial. After a four day Trial, the Jury returned a Verdict for $292,000.

$2.5 Million “Jury Poll” after 2 Week Sex Abuse Trial
Multnomah County, Oregon

In this Multnomah County Civil Sex Abuse Trial, a Confidential Settlement was reached after closing argument and during jury deliberations. However, the Judge insisted on polling the jury, who advised it was preparing to reach a minimum $2.5 Million Verdict.

Randy J Wolfe“Minor Impact” Case Yields Over 60 Times the Best Insurance Company Offer

In this low speed auto collision, the insurance company offered only $1000 in settlement, arguing the collision was too minor to severely injure the Plaintiff. After a three day trial, the Jury returned a Verdict of $68,000.

Uninsured Motorist Award Exceeds Policy Limit

Even though the Plaitiff had an $100,000 Uninsured Motorist Policy, her company Allstate Insurance fought her to the end after she was struck by an Uninsured Motorist. After Arbitration, she was awarded in excess of her policy limit and therefore collected the full $100,000 due under her Policy.

Takano v. Farmers Insurance, 184 Or App479 (2002), Now Protects all Oregonians

In 2002, Randall J. Wolfe successfully argued this case in the Appellate Courts. Takano holds that when there are multiple injury victims, each is entitled to Underinsured Motorist benefits equal to the difference between the UIM Policy limit and the amount he or she recovered from the bad driver’s Policy. In other words, you don’t compare “limits to limits.” This is a great victory for all Oregonians.

Farmers Insurance Pays Attorney Fees on Top of Verdict

In this Multnomah County motor vehicle collision Trial, Farmers Insurance appealed the Award from Mandatory Arbitration. At Trial, the Jury returned a Verdict well in excess of the Arbitration Award, and Farmers Insurance was required to pay some of Plaintiff’s Attorney Fees in addition to the Verdict.

A Sampling of Recent Randall J. Wolfe, PC Settlements:

Sex Abuse-N.W. v. Portland Public Schools
US District Court, Oregon

In this case, we represented a victim of sexual abuse while at school. Claims were made for both violation of Civil Rights and Negligence. Shortly before trial, this claim was settled for a confidential amount.

Dram Shop-D.B. v. CC Slaughters
Multnomah County, Oregon

In this case, we represented a motorcyclist who was struck from the rear by a drunk driver, alleged to have been served alcohol while visibly intoxicated at a local tavern. Shortly after depositions, this claim was resolved for a substantial sum.

Medical Negligence-T.J. v. Willamette Surgical Center
Marion County, Oregon

In this case, our client was treated with an injection in her neck to relieve pain after an auto collision. She became temporarily paralyzed and suffered significant permanent impairment as a result. Shortly before trial against the doctor, the claim was settled, benefiting our client for the harm done to her.

Medical Negligence
Marion County, Oregon

In this case, our client was given an injection by a Pain Management Doctor to relieve pain in her neck after an auto collision. She became temporarily paralyzed and suffered significant permanent injury. This case was confidentially settled shortly after depositions

Head On Collision While Commercial Driver on Cell Phone

In this case, an automobile driver sustained severe and multiple fractures when a driver for a well known nationwide business crossed the center line and struck her vehicle head on. Through discovery, it was learned that the driver was required to answer his cell phone while driving and in fact was reaching for a call from his boss just before the collision. Shortly after moving to amend the case to include punitive damages because of this, the case was settled for a substantial sum.

Product Liability — Vehicle Rollover

In this case, Randall Wolfe represented a family against a major auto manufacturer after their vehicle rolled over when the manufacturer had “anti-rollover” technology available to it, but chose not to implement it in its SUV’s. After significant litigation, this case was settled for a confidential amount.

Liquor Liability “Seven Figure” Settlement
Multnomah County, Oregon

In this case, a young man was struck by a driver who had just left a tavern after being served while “visibly intoxicated.” Although there were no eye witnesses to the driver being served while drunk, this case was “won” after Randall Wolfe spent significant time with the driver in prison and convinced him to confess to his level of intoxication. The case was settled for the “seven figure” insurance policy limit of the tavern.

$1.5 Million Civil Rights Case

In this “high profile case,” Randall Wolfe represented a Sheriff Deputy shot in the line of duty after 911 dispatchers failed to advise him and the other deputies that the individual they were encountering was very likely armed. This case, while presenting many legal challenges, was eventually settled for $1.5 Million Dollars plus full Worker’s Compensation benefits.

* Initials used to further our client’s privacy. Additional non-confidential information available upon request.