Nursing Home and Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is an area of personal injury law that applies to situations when negligent actions by a doctor or other medical professional resulted in damage or harm to the patient. Negligent actions could be an error in diagnosis, treatment or illness management. If such negligence results in injury, a case could arise against the doctor, if their actions deviated from generally accepted standards of practice; against the hospital for improper care such as problems with medications, sanitation or nursing care; or against local, state or federal agencies that operate facilities such as city or Army hospitals.

Medical malpractice laws are designed to protect patients’ rights to pursue compensation if they are injured as result of negligence. However, the reality is that malpractice suits are difficult and costly to win. While theoretically, you can seek compensation for any injury caused by negligence, regardless of its seriousness, most lawyers will only take cases where the damage is serious or permanent. Time and money make it unrealistic to sue for an injury that is minor or resolves quickly. An attorney with some knowledge in medicine and experience in malpractice suits could help determine if the specifics of your situation are worth pursuing.

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