Truck Collisions

Each year, on our roads, approximately One out of nine traffic fatalities in 2008 resulted from a collision involving a large truck. In fact, large trucks are about 3.2 times more likely than other vehicles to be struck in the rear in two-vehicle fatal crashes. According to the United States Department of Transportation, in 2008 alone, 380,000 large trucks (gross vehicle weight rating greater than 10,000 pounds) were involved in traffic crashes in the United States. 4,066 were involved in fatal crashes. A total of 4,229 people died (11% of all the traffic fatalities reported in 2008) and an additional 90,000 were injured in those crashes. In 2007, large trucks accounted for 4 percent of all registered vehicles and 7 percent of total vehicle miles traveled (2008 registered vehicle and vehicle miles traveled data not available). In 2008, large trucks accounted for 8 percent of all vehicles involved in fatal crashes and 4 percent of all vehicles involved in injury and property-damage-only crashes. One out of nine traffic fatalities in 2008 resulted from a collision involving a large truck. Of the fatalities that resulted from crashes involving large trucks, 74 percent were occupants of another vehicle, 10 percent were nonoccupants, and 16 percent were occupants of a large truck. Of the people injured in crashes involving large trucks, 71 percent were occupants of another vehicle, 3 percent were nonoccupants, and 26 percent were occupants of a large truck. Large trucks were much more likely to be involved in a fatal multiple-vehicle crash – as opposed to a fatal single-vehicle crash – than were passenger vehicles (82% of all large trucks involved in fatal crashes, compared with 58% of all passenger vehicles). In 30 percent of the two-vehicle fatal crashes involving a large truck and another type of vehicle, both vehicles were impacted in the front. The truck was struck in the rear 3.2 times as often as the other vehicle (19% and 6%, respectively).

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