Case Results

See below a sampling of recent Randall J. Wolfe, PC Verdicts, Awards & Settlements:


State’s Wrongful Supervision of Parolee Results in Auto Collision, Washington

In this case, the State of Washington violated numerous Policies and Procedures regarding its Supervision of a known Drug Addict while on Parole. While driving under the influence of drugs, he crossed over the center lane of a Bridge and collided head-on with an oncoming vehicle, occupied by our Client. Our Client sustained significant injury requiring hospitalization and rehabilitative care. After protracted litigation, including dozens of depositions and analyzing thousands of pages of State Policies, a recovery of $3,250,000 was secured


$2.5 Million “Jury Poll” after 2 Week Sex Abuse Trial, Oregon

In this Multnomah County Civil Sex Abuse Trial, a Confidential Settlement was reached after closing argument and during jury deliberations. However, the Judge insisted on polling the jury, who advised it was preparing to reach a minimum $2.5 Million Verdict.


Civil Rights, Oregon

In this “high profile case,” Randall Wolfe represented a Sheriff Deputy shot in the line of duty after 911 dispatchers failed to advise him and the other Deputies that the individual they were encountering was very likely armed. This case, while presenting many legal challenges, was eventually settled for $1.5 Million Dollars plus full Worker’s Compensation benefits.


Boating Accident, Oregon

In this case, our Client who was one of a two Passengers in a Fishing Boat, was seriously injured after he was ejected from the Boat, as a result of a sudden and unsafe maneuver by the Boat Operator. He sustained a Head Strike and a Burst Fracture in his Thoracic Spine, and required emergent Spine Surgery. Without the need of filing of a Lawsuit, the case was settled for $1,200,000.00.


Head On Collision While Commercial Driver on Cell Phone, Oregon

In this case, our Client, an automobile driver, sustained injuries including multiple fractures when a Driver for a well-known worldwide Delivery Company crossed the center line and struck her vehicle head-on. Through discovery, it was learned that the driver was required to answer his cell phone while driving and in fact was reaching for a call from his boss just before the collision. Shortly after moving to amend the claims to include punitive damages because of this, the case was settled for $1,200,000.00.


Trucking Company Negligence, Oregon

In this case, a Truck Driver making a Warehouse Delivery neglected to set his Parking Brake and utilize a Wheel Chock, which is a device designed to stop a vehicle from rolling or, moving accidentally. Our Client was entering and exiting the back of the Truck while Operating a Forklift when the Truck rolled away from the Loading Dock, causing the Forklift to fall to the ground below. Our Client sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury among other non-surgical injuries The case was settled for $1,000,000 which was the insurance policy limit of the Trucking Company.


Dram Shop/Liquor Liability, Oregon

In this case, a young man was struck by a driver who had just left a Tavern after being served while “visibly intoxicated.” Our Client sustained injuries including a Traumatic Brain Injury. Although there were no eyewitnesses to the Driver being served while drunk, this case was “won” after Randall Wolfe spent significant time with the Driver in prison and convinced him to confess to his level of intoxication. The case was settled for $1,000,000 which was the Insurance Policy limit of the Tavern.


Car Crashed Thru Window of Store, Oregon

In this case, while our Client was shopping at well known Sporting Goods Store, an Elderly Driver, driving with a removable cast, got his foot got it stuck between the gas and brake. This resulted in him crashing through the plate-glass windows of the Store, causing shelves and other items to crash upon our Client. Our Client sustained injuries including a fractured pelvis, rib fractures, and back injury. The case was settled for $1,000,000.


Car Struck by Cow, Oregon

In this case, a husband and wife were driving on a rural road in Clackamas County when their vehicle struck a cow that had escaped from a nearby farm. There was a significant dispute in this case as to the ownership and control of the cow. The husband sustained injuries including back and shoulder injuries. The wife sustained injuries including back injuries. The case was settled for a combined $775,000.00.


Government Vehicle Carrying Prison Work Crew Cuts Off Motorcycle, Oregon

In this case, our client was driving a motorcycle when a government van carrying a jail work crew proceeded across multiple lanes of traffic, and directly into the path of our Client. Our Client was forced to “lay his bike down” on the Freeway, causing injuries to his back and needing eventual surgery. The case was eventually settled for $750,000.00

$500K+ Confidential Settlement

Client Offloading Furniture from U-Haul Rental Truck, Oregon

In this case, our Client was offloading furniture from a rented U-Haul when the Driver of that Tucked backed its Ramp into our Client. Claims were brought against both the Driver and against U-Haul for Negligently renting the Truck to the Driver. Our Client sustained injuries including a femur fracture with surgery, concussion, and post-concussion syndrome. The case was settled for $500,000.00 against the Driver and Confidentially against U-Haul.


Auto Collision Liability, Oregon

In this case, our client was proceeding through an intersection, when Defendant made a left turn in front of him., without yielding or sufficiently yielding the right of way, causing a violent collision. He sustained a Right labral tear and had eventual surgery. The case was settled for $500,000.00.


Two Auto Collisions, Oregon

In this case, our client was involved in two automobile collisions about five months apart. The collisions involved many “overlapping injuries,” especially to her back which required surgery. A single lawsuit was filed against each vehicle driver and all related Insurance Companies. The claim was eventually settled for a combined $500,000.00


Dram Shop/Liquor Liability, Oregon

In this case, we represented a Motorcyclist who was struck from the rear by a Drunk Driver, alleged to have been served alcohol while visibly intoxicated at a local Tavern. Our Client sustained back injuries, concussion, and post-concussion syndrome. Shortly after depositions, this claim was resolved for $465.000.00.


Underinsured Collision. Washington

In this case, a young man was driving when struck by an Uninsured Motorist. He sustained a fractured arm that required surgery, and a traumatic brain injury. After a lawsuit was filed and significant discovery, the case was settled for the Underinsured Motorist Policy Limit of $300,000.00.


One of Largest Non-Surgical Inner Ear Verdicts at that time, Oregon

In this case, many months after a significant auto collision, the Plaintiff first reported severe vertigo and vestibular problems. However, he chose not to undergo risky surgery. After sending him to multiple exams by doctors of their own choosing who all denied his injury, the Insurer offered about $30,000 the night before Trial to settle the case. That offer was rejected. After a four day Trial, the Jury returned a Verdict for $292,000.


Struck by Police Car Proceeding Through a Red Light, Oregon

In this case, our Client was struck by a Vehicle proceeding through a Red Light at a High Rate of Speed. Through Discovery, we were able to determine that the Officer was involved in several prior crashes, and was insufficiently trained, retrained, and supervised regarding his driving. Our Client sustained a concussion, post-concussion syndrome, and severe soft tissue injuries. The case was settled for $287,500.00.


Trip and Fall on Scaffold Piece Left Exposed at Place of Employment, Oregon

In this case, our Client was working at his Office while his Employer was undertaking a remodel of his work area with the construction work taking place at night. Unknown to our Client, the Construction crew left a piece of scaffolding on the ground that caused him to trip and fall when he came to work the next day. He sustained injuries including a shoulder fracture and surgery. The case was settled for $250,000.00.

Multiple UM and UIM $$$ Excess Awards

Multiple Uninsured/Underinsured Verdicts and Awards in “Excess” of the Policy Limit, Oregon

In Oregon, when a person sues his or her own Auto Insurance Company for Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist benefits, the recovery is typically capped at the Policy Limit of the Injured Person. With “nothing to lose,” many Insurers force these types of cases to be tried to Verdict. The Law Office of Randall J. Wolfe has successfully litigated hundreds of these claims, receiving numerous Verdicts well in excess of the Policy Limits.

$68,000 “Minor Impact” Verdict

“Minor Impact” Case Yields Verdict Over 60 Times the Best Insurance Company Offer, Oregon

In this low speed auto collision, the Insurance Company offered only $1000 in settlement, arguing the collision was too minor to severely injure the Plaintiff. After a three day trial, the Jury returned a Verdict of $68,000.

Landmark Decision at the Court of Appeals

Takano v. Farmers Insurance, 184 Or App479 (2002), Now Protects all Oregonians, Oregon

In 2002, Randall J. Wolfe successfully argued this case in the Appellate Courts. Takano holds that when there are multiple injury victims, each is entitled to Underinsured Motorist benefits equal to the difference between the UIM Policy limit and the amount he or she recovered from the bad driver’s Policy. In other words, you don’t compare “limits to limits.” This is a great victory for all Oregonians.

GEICO Pays Nearly 10x Attorney Fee Award

GEICO Insurance Pays Attorney Fees on Top of Verdict, Oregon

In this Multnomah County “Whiplash” Motor Vehicle case that went to Trial. Utilizing ORS 20.080, our Client recovered Attorney Fees on top of the Jury Verdict, that were almost 10X the Verdict returned by the Jury.

Confidential $$$ Settlement

Sex Abuse-N.W. v. Public School, US District Court, Oregon

In this case, we represented a child Victim of sexual abuse while at school. Claims were made for both violation of Civil Rights and Negligence. Shortly before trial, this claim was settled for a confidential amount.

Confidential $$$ Settlement

Medical Negligence, Marion County, Oregon

In this case, our Client was given an injection by a Pain Management Doctor to relieve pain in her neck after an auto collision. She became temporarily paralyzed and suffered significant permanent injury. This case was confidentially settled shortly after depositions.

Confidential $$$ Settlement

Product Liability — Vehicle Rollover, California

In this case, Randall Wolfe was one of the Attorneys representing a family against a major Auto Manufacturer after their vehicle rolled over. This Manfucaturer had “anti-rollover” technology available to it, but chose not to implement it in its SUV’s. After significant litigation, this case was settled for a confidential amount.

Confidential $$$ Settlement

Trip and Fall – Nationwide Grocery Store, Oregon

In this case, our Office represented a World Class Athlete injured by a Grocery Store Display Sign on the Floor in a High Traffic Grocery Store Aisle of a Nationwide Grocery Chain. Our Client eventually had four surgical procedures as a result. After significant litigation, and shortly prior to Trial, this case was settled favorably for a confidential amount.

Confidential $$$ Settlement

Product Liability – Industrial Glass Cutting Machine, Oregon

In this case, our Office represented a young man injured in Oregon by an Industrial Glass Cutting Machine that was manufactured overseas. This very complicated case required, among other things, a thorough analysis and understanding of a complex piece of machinery, extensive factual investigation and legal research, review of multitudes of foreign language documents related to the Machine, and undertaking many depositions outside the United States. After significant litigation, this case was settled favorably for a confidential amount.