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Personal Injury Attorneys

Providing Legal Services to Clients Across Oregon and Washington

The Law Office of Randall J. Wolfe is a well-established and highly respected personal injury law firm that offers legal services to clients across both Oregon and Washington. The firm’s senior partners are Attorney Randall J. Wolfe and Attorney Charis R. WolfeBarron. With extensive experience and dedication, the firm represents clients in Oregon personal injury cases, emphasizing the importance of experience, knowledge, courtroom strength, and responsiveness.

Decades Of Combined Experience In Handling Personal Injury Cases

With decades of combined legal experience in personal injury matters, the Law Office of Randall J. Wolfe, led by experienced Lake Oswego personal injury attorneys, is committed to understanding the unique aspects of each case and striving to secure the best possible outcome for their clients. The firm is dedicated to relieving clients of the procedural burdens of a personal injury claim, allowing them to focus on their recovery while their rights are vigorously protected by the firm.

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Experiencing significant injuries or the loss of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence can be an immensely difficult ordeal. Alongside the physical and emotional pain, you may also be facing financial difficulties such as medical expenses and lost wages due to an inability to work. In times like these, you need a reliable ally who can guide you through your legal rights and the personal injury lawsuit process. Contact our Oregon personal injury lawyer at The Law Office of Randall J. Wolfe.

Our law firm understands what you’re going through, as we work with clients in similar situations every day and have been assisting individuals and families for many years. While we cannot predict exactly what to expect in your unique circumstances without speaking with you in person, our Oregon personal injury lawyers have compiled a general summary of how personal injury cases work to address some of your immediate concerns. However, please feel free to contact us anytime for a more comprehensive, no-obligation consultation.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is designed to safeguard individuals who have sustained injuries as a result of the carelessness of another individual or entity. Examples of cases that fall under personal injury law include car accidents, medical malpractice, and motor vehicle accidents. If you have been harmed due to the negligent or intentional conduct of another party, you may have a personal injury case. This legal framework enables a personal injury attorney to initiate legal proceedings on behalf of the injured person (known as the plaintiff) who seeks compensation for losses suffered as a result of another’s negligent or intentional actions (the defendant). Our Lake Oswego personal injury attorney is here to help.

Lake Oswego Auto Accident Attorneys
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Client Reviews & Testimonials

We got treated like family, they actually cared and make decisions with the best outcome. They know all their legal stuff and leave no stones unturned. If you ever find yourself looking for legal help in accidents or need help with other stuff, look no further. CALL THEM.

-Google Review

Randall Wolfe represented me in a complex case with a positive outcome. He and his staff were very pleasant, thorough and supportive.
I was fortunate to find the best attorney to represent my case and highly recommend his services!

Linda G.
-Google Review

I have enjoyed working with Randy and Charis, very much, over the past several months. They are a hard working, dedicated and professional team! They do go the extra mile for their clients. I highly recommend their services.

Matt S.
-Google Review

Randall is an outstanding lawyer with an outstanding staff. On our own, we could never have attained the outcome that Randal delivered. The memory and pain from the injuries will continue to be felt. However, the final outcome truly makes it easier to move on. Thank you Counselor!

Paul Nelson
-Google Review

In a nutshell Randy was great. I had a unique situation where I suffered a second motor vehicle accident while still treating for a previous accident. The legal process for one accident is complicated enough, I imagine trying to deal with two simultaneously on your own would be next to impossible.

Josh Wetterlin
-Google Review

Having attorneys that share similar beliefs as our own was very uplifting. We never could have expected when we hired them that they would be the type of attorneys who would join us in prayer, seeking God’s guidance. They both are truly a blessing and exceeded our expectations!

Timothy Brust
-Google Review
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Meet Our Attorneys

The primary area of practice of the Law Office of Randall J. Wolfe, PC is Personal Injury. With over 37 years of combined experience, and thousands of successful cases, our entire Staff focuses on you, the Client.

Our goal is to lift the “procedural burdens” of an Injury Matter off of you, and allow you to focus on your recovery.

We are here to make sure our Client’s rights are protected. Throughout your case, we are analyzing its unique characteristics, and working towards achieving the best possible resolution for you. Our firm is committed to practicing personal injury law with both compassion and aggression, ensuring justice and satisfaction for our clients.

Legal Memberships & Awards

Washington State Bar Association
Oregon State Bar Association
OLTA trail lawyers association

Case Results

$3.25 Mil
Auto Collision

While driving under the influence of drugs, a known drug addict who was on parole crossed over the center lane of a Bridge and collided head-on with an oncoming vehicle, occupied by our Client. After protracted litigation, including dozens of depositions and analyzing thousands of pages of State Policies, a recovery of $3,250,000 was secured.

$2.5 Mil
Sex Abuse Trial

In this Multnomah County Civil Sex Abuse Trial, a Confidential Settlement was reached after closing argument and during jury deliberations. However, the Judge insisted on polling the jury, who advised it was preparing to reach a minimum $2.5 Million Verdict.

$1.5 mil
Civil Rights

In this “high profile case,” Randall Wolfe represented a Sheriff Deputy shot in the line of duty after 911 dispatchers failed to advise him and the other Deputies that the individual they were encountering was very likely armed. This case, while presenting many legal challenges, was eventually settled for $1.5 Million Dollars plus full Worker’s Compensation benefits.

$1.2 mil
Auto Collision

In this case, our Client, an automobile driver, sustained injuries including multiple fractures when a Driver for a well-known worldwide Delivery Company crossed the center line and struck her vehicle head-on while answering a phone call from his boss. Shortly after moving to amend the claims to include punitive damages because of this, the case was settled for $1,200,000.00.

$1.0 mil
Trucking Negligence

Truck Driver making a Warehouse Delivery neglected to set his Parking Brake and utilize a Wheel Chock. Our Client was entering and exiting the back of the Truck while Operating a Forklift when the Truck rolled away from the Loading Dock. Our Client sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury among other non-surgical injuries The case was settled for $1,000,000.

$1.0 mil
Liquor Liability

A young man was struck by a driver who had just left a Tavern after being served while “visibly intoxicated.” Our Client sustained injuries in the accident, including a Traumatic Brain Injury. This case was “won” after Randall Wolfe spent significant time with the Driver in prison and convinced him to confess to his level of intoxication. The case was settled for $1,000,000.

$1.0 mil
Storefront Crash

Client was shopping at well known Sporting Goods Store, an Elderly Driver, driving with a removable cast, got his foot got it stuck between the gas and brake. This resulted in him crashing through the plate-glass windows of the Store, causing our Client to sustain injuries including a fractured pelvis, rib fractures, and back injury. The case was settled for $1,000,000.

$775 K
Auto Collision w/ Cow

A husband and wife were driving on a rural road in Clackamas County when their vehicle struck a cow that had escaped from a nearby farm. The husband sustained injuries including back and shoulder injuries. The wife sustained injuries including back injuries. The case was settled for a combined $775,000.00.

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Oregon Personal Injury Lawyers

Representing Clients Across Washington and Oregon

Oregon residents, as well as those residing throughout Washington, have access to a multitude of amenities, including boating, swimming, fishing, and other recreational activities. In addition to its scenic lakes, Oregon offers various sports and entertainment options, such as parks, swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, clubs, and more. However, these facilities also increase the possibility of accidents and injuries.


Our Oregon personal injury attorneys have a proven track record of obtaining millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for clients throughout Oregon. Our law firm has consistently delivered excellent outcomes for our clients.

Choosing the Best

We have the resources to locate and retain the best specialists in the state, who are highly knowledgeable and skilled in their respective fields. Our firm can call upon expert witnesses, from vocational specialists to top-rated accident reconstruction engineers, to provide evidence in your case.


At our law firm, every attorney has extensive knowledge of personal injury law. Our Oregon personal injury attorney prepares each case for trial to ensure our clients achieve the best possible results.

Reach Out To Our Oregon Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you require professional help from personal injury attorneys in Oregon, look no further than The Law Office of Randall J. Wolfe. For several years, we have been defending the rights of our clients throughout Oregon, and we can do the same for you. We understand that when life throws you a catastrophic and stressful scenario, you require a special kind of assistance. You’ll need a dedicated and experienced Oregon personal injury lawyer to fight against the insurance company and restore your financial health so you can focus on your physical and emotional well-being.

Our firm is fully prepared to handle personal injury claims, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to fighting for the rights of our clients against negligence and ensuring justice is served. Contact us today.

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