“They actually cared”

“Saying best in town will be an understatement, Wow. Randy and Charis are amazing. They took their time and explain the whole process, I mean the WHOLE process of going through a claim. they do their homework, and get the job done. I can’t even describe how easy and smooth things went. Just do as they say and you will come out a winner. we got treated like family, they actually cared and make decisions with the best outcome. They know all their legal stuff and leave no stones unturned. If you ever find yourself looking for legal help in accidents or need help with other stuff, look no further. CALL THEM. Even before you talk to your insurance agents.”
JT – Google Review

“Very pleasant!”

“Randall Wolfe represented me in a complex case with a positive outcome. He and his staff were very pleasant, thorough and supportive. I was fortunate to find the best attorney to represent my case and highly recommend his services!”
Linda Grischow – Google Review

“Made any worry I had practically go away”

“I was in an accident and needed some good legal counsel. I found Randall’s office and heard many good things about them during my search. The Team in the office is great to work with and made this whole legal part of my accident a breeze. I worked with Charis through most of my case and Randall the other. Charis made any worry I had practically go away and Randall also. I would highly recommend this Team for any of your personal injury needs. They exceeded my expectations!”
Michael Henke – Google Review

“Genuine concern for our situation”

“We first spoke to Randall Wolfe by phone and knew instantly that this office was a great choice. He exhibited genuine concern for our situation and took the time late into the evening to capture initial details. The first office visit was very educational. We learned what we needed to do and what he was going to do. Randall and staff began working methodically through accident reports, city attorney’s office, insurance companies, police reports, photographs and medical records. The resulting “Demand” accurately depicted the entire incident and the short and long term affects on our lives. Randall is an outstanding lawyer with an outstanding staff. On our own, we could never have attained the outcome that Randal delivered. The memory and pain from the injuries will continue to be felt. However, the final outcome truly makes it easier to move on. Thank you Counselor!”
Paul Nelson – Google Review

“I cannot recommend him personally, and professionally, enough!”

“I certainly wouldn’t wish an accident and resulting recovery on anyone, it is indeed a very long process (mine took around three years, and I’ll likely never by fully physically as healthy as I was before.) That being said, the aid that the offices of Randall Wolfe provides are an invaluable asset as I was able to focus my energies on my treatment and recovery rather than also having to navigate the mind boggling intricacies of the insurance and legal worlds.

I cannot recommend him personally, and professionally, enough and my family and I are forever grateful for his experienced services and assistance through a very trying time in life.”
Tj Johnson – Google Review

“A result that exceeded all our expectations.”

“In a nutshell Randy was great. I had a unique situation where I suffered a second motor vehicle accident while still treating for a previous accident. The legal process for one accident is complicated enough, I imagine trying to deal with two simultaneously on your own would be next to impossible. Without Randy I would have been completely lost. Randy and his amazing staff (thanks Charis and Patsy!) were straight shooters that guided me through the whole process and provided a result that exceeded all our expectations. They take the time to educate you about the process and treat you like you are more than just a client. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer an accident of any kind my advice is not to wait, do yourself a favor and give Randy a call.”
Josh Wetterlin – Google Review

“I appreciate everything you’ve done!”

“Thank you to Randall and his team! I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, and the time you took to handle my case.”
Kay Leite – Google Review

“Very professional and excellent!”

“Working with the staff and Mr. Wolfe is amazing. He is very informative and thorough. The staff is very warm and kind. Mr. Wolfe communicates often and informs you of the progress. I highly recommend him he is very professional and excellent at representing you as a client. I want to thank you for your great service to our family. You are very appreciated.”
Vision of hope – Google Review

“Best fit for handling our situation!”

“Our family was in a motor vehicle accident involving livestock at large. The insurance company gave up on helping us and so we had to seek out an attorney for assistance. After reviewing multiple sites and reviews, we felt Randy and his team would be the best fit for handling our situation.

Randy was upfront and honest from the beginning. He explained the process and what to expect. He reassured us he and his team would be there for us throughout the entire process. When the process became overwhelming, Randy was there to help ground us and keep us focused on healing. Randy was always willing to talk with us and answer our questions or allow us to vent our frustrations. When responding to our questions, he would bring it to laymen’s terms that we could understand.

Charis joined the team midway through the case. She was there to support us through the depositions and mediation Her calm and cheerful demeanor was soothing during these intense situations.

Having attorneys that share similar beliefs as our own was very uplifting. We never could have expected when we hired them that they would be the type of attorneys who would join us in prayer, seeking God’s guidance. They both are truly a blessing and exceeded our expectations!

We would recommend them and their office to anyone who is seeking an attorney. Lawsuits can be a difficult journey, but they will be with you throughout it all – don’t do it alone.”
Timothy Brust – Google Review

“Great job communicating!”

“The Law Offices of Randall J. Wolfe and crew have been…simply put,”nothing but Professional”.Randall and his crew were outstanding. They are thorough, accurate, and honest.

With today’s society lacking impatience, and most people desiring instant gratification, pending a lawsuit, will be their ultimate torture! Now with the understanding that your claim will be drawn out as long as the opposing side can legally pospone it, this legal team is hard to beat.

If I was to ever need their expertise again, I would not hesitate to retain them instantly. Randall has been an asset for advise, and/or legal referrals outside his specialty.

Thanks Again Randall, all the best to you and the crew!”
Steven Rice – Google Review

“5 stars for a reason!”

“I can’t thank Randy and Cheris, and their team enough for all of their hard work. I came to them in April 2016 and it is now March of 2019 and we have just finished my case. They fought very long and hard to make sure I got everything I was owed, even though the person who rear-ended me was under-insured. They really took care of me from start to finish. Never had issues with communication, they always got back to me very fast, always called me and emailed me back whenever I had any questions, and were always very friendly. They really know what they’re doing here, they have 5 stars for a reason! I can’t recommend them enough!”
Kayla Nguyen – Google Review

“Expert help!”

“I had been at the end of my rope trying to work with an inflexible insurance company. A friend recommended Randall Wolfe to me — and I’m so thankful. At every step, Randall and his team provided me with expert help, timely information, and personal care. And because of their management of my case, I received the extra medical attention I needed as well as a fair settlement.”
Tim M – Google Review

“Top of his game!”

“I honestly don’t have much experience in regards to needing an attorney, but for the one time and hopefully only time I did…I was very blessed to have been led to Mr. Randall Wolfe. He is on top of his game and helped put at ease to my rather unnerving experience. My hope is that no one needs to retain an attorney in their life, but if you do, go with someone who will give you the best representation to get a resolution hopefully in your favor. Get Mr. Wolfe!”
Adam West – Google Review

“Hard working!”

“I have enjoyed working with Randy and Charis, very much, over the past several months. They are a hard working, dedicated and professional team! They do go the extra mile for their clients. I highly recommend their services.”
Matt Sluman

“Professional skills!”

“Randal Wolfe and his team were very helpful. Their professional skills, knowledge and experience made the process of settling my auto accident claim go smoothly, ending with a favorable outcome.”
Molly Plover – Google Review

“Incredibly impressed so far!”

“This is my attorney and I can’t say enough great things about this office and his staff. This is the first time I’ve used his services and everyone has been so thorough with not only the information I requested but the information that they are requesting. Every physician that I’ve seen and all of the other insurance companies have been kept informed with every step of information they may need or want. I’ve been incredibly impressed so far and although my settlement is not done as of yet I am very optimistic that the outcome will be favorable. I highly recommend this office to anyone who has had a personal injury or has been done wrong in some physical way. Also a free consultation is available. Don’t delay!”
Sherry Brown – Google Review

“Earn all your money with smile on your face!”

“Great people great team, respectful people professional at what they do… Best lawyer in Oregon. Your gonna earn all your money with smile on your face, love what they do at a professional stage.”
Mahdi Kesrouani – Google Review

“Thank you so much!”

“Mr Wolfe recently helped my wife and me through an extremely difficult experience and our experience was fantastic! Not only did we get the favorable outcome we needed, but Mr Wolfe was excellent at keeping us informed and helping us understand each step in the process.

What otherwise would have been an extremely stressful and life-altering situation was resolved quickly and relatively painlessly! Thank you so much, Mr Wolfe! We are so grateful”
Nathan Lindley – Google Review

“Went for it all from day 1!”

“Randall , went for it all from day 1:) Going the extra mile seemed just the way. It is for Randy I had confidence in him in every step we took! Thank you for being the professional & unique /Awesome person you are!!
Eric Altman – Google Review

“Very pleased!”

“Went to Randy after my first car accident and was very pleased with his service and expertise! More than happy about my outcome and how Randy handled my case. 5/5 recommend”
Alyssa Machacek – Google Review

“Favorable experience!”

“I have had a favorable experience with Randall and his staff. They have been professional and quick to listen to my needs as well as thorough in their work.”
Jessica Day – Google Review

“Questions were always answered promptly.”

“Randall and his staff were very professional and thorough. Questions were always answered promptly, and everything was dealt with on time and professionally. They were friendly and helpful. I would recommend the law office of Randall Wolfe.”
Thewild Mawlrus – Google Review

“Had a great experience!”

“I had a great experience with Mr. Wolf. I wish I could say the same about Progressive’s claim process. When they start giving you problems, and stop paying for care, this is the best route.”
Steve Bigham – Google Review

“Obtain the best outcomes!”

“Everyone in this practice is trustworthy and work hard to obtain the best outcomes for their clients.”
Janice Hoffman – Google Review

“I needed a real professional.”

“I had my first car accident 6-11-2002, where my car was rear-ended. At that time I used another attorney who was recommended to me by my chiropractor. That attorney was SO BAD that when I had my second car accident 7-5-13, I was super reluctant to hire another attorney…and so I didn’t until I was absolutely forced to. My husband saw Randall’s ad in Christian News Northwest and so I called him. Boy am I glad that I did. My second car accident was much, much worse than my first accident and I needed a real professional to intervene between me and the insurance companies. Randall was willing to take my case at the last minute, thankfully! I would definitely use Randall’s office again and greatly appreciated his professionally organized staff.”
Tana Kirkham – Google Review


Raelynn Turner – Google Review

“Friendly customer service!”

“Excellent and friendly customer service very helpful”
Colleen Allen-Schublin – Google Review

Ellen Buffington – Google Review

J F – Google Review

John Lord – Google Review

Casey Kay – Google Review

TJ Haile – Google Review